Why buy the best Value Moose Bikes from FBC?

Moose Bikes are well known for their incredible value and an ideal choice for a new or occasional rider and the line up for 2023 is no exception! The line up consists of the best equipped Moose 24 Kids Fat bike for your new young rider and then the two hard hitting value adult bikes the Moose 1 and Moose 2.

The new bikes for Fall 22 just dropped yesterday on the Moose website and will be arriving soon for shipment or in store pick up at Fat Bikes Canada. Here are some top reasons to choose to purchase your Moose through FBC vs. any other dealer or direct sale. 

1. No shop in Canada has more experience with building, maintaining and riding Fat Bikes in the winter months. We have ridden the kms and can give you the best advice on choosing a new ride and how to set it up for the where you ride. 

2. Easy Pre-ordering and fast shipping across Canada. We have built and shipped bikes all over the country from Nova Scotia to Nunavut and everywhere in between and can ensure you get your bike ready for the trails wherever you are. 

3. We have the best selection of accessories and upgrades for your Fat bike in Canada. From pedals and footwear to apparel and component upgrade packs that offer the best improvements to your Moose Fat Bike. 

4. Service and advice is available daily by email or phone. Reach out anytime to Brian, Peter or Zack and we would be happy to give you the best assistance with your ride. 

Now Let’s tell you a bit about these two new killer models and what makes them the best bikes Moose has ever produced!

Moose 1

Like most bikes these days the first price point Moose 1 has increased in price for 2023 but for good reason. It sports more big upgrades than just that beautiful Midnight Blue paint! Firstly the new Moose 1 is now outfitted with the same 27.5 wheels as the Moose 2 and stud ready Vee Rubber Snow Avalanche 4.5″ 120tpi tires! If only for the tire spec this makes the Moose the best value bike at this price but there is definitely more. The new drivetrain is a value leading Microshift Advent 9 speed with finally a wide 11-46T cassette range! Advent has been applauded as the new value leader in shifting with a reliable 1×9 wide gear range and clutched derailleur for no more chain drops. Lastly the Moose 1 sports Shimano mechanical disc brakes and shares the updated geometry frame from the Moose 2.  

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/moose-1-fat-bike-2023-canada/

Moose 2

So if the Moose 1 is such a great value what would make you want to spend the additional $500 on the Moose 2 when you have essentially the same frame, wheelset, and tires? Well here is what you are getting for your extra money. The drivetrain moves from the 9 speed Advent to a 12 speed Shimano Deore with a bit wider (10-51T) gear range. This will mean lighter jumps between gear sizes and a bit smoother gearing when getting on those winter climbs. Next is an upgrade to more powerful Shimano MT 200 hydraulic disc brakes and RT56 rotors. A big up in spec from the 2022 Moose 2. The Moose 2 also comes with a KS Dropper seatpost which alone could make up close to half of the $500 value. Your last consideration for upgrading to the Moose 2 may be the fork. While the Moose 1 will have quick release front and rear axles the Moose 2 will have thru axles and the common 197mm rear and 150mm front spacing. This will matter most should you choose to upgrade your Moose in the future to a Suspension fork or tubeless ready wheelset. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/moose-2-fat-bike-2023-canada/

So you like the value but what do these bikes need to make them really perform on the trail? While these are great starter bikes they have definitely chosen wisely on where to put their value on the spec and where to leave it up to you to personalize. Here are some of our best recommendations for upgrades on a new Moose Fat Bike. 

1. Studs! Your new Moose 1 and 2 both come with a great spec 27.5 x 4.5 Snow Avalanche tire that has 250 pockets in each tire ready to accept our FBC Carbide stud kits. Each tire will take 45min to and hour to place studs in so go with our most durable genuine tungsten carbide concave stud and not those imitation amazon studs that wear down after a few rides. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product-category/fat-tires/studs/

2. Fatty Stripper or Revoloop tubes. These are the two best ways to set your moose wheels up tubeless so you can run lower tire pressures more reliably and save a lot of rotational weight. Choose our tubeless kit with a fatty Stripper, valves and sealant or go the easiest route and throw in some ultralight Revoloop silicon tubes. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product-category/fat-tires/tubes-tire-accessories/

3. Pedals and grips. Your new Moose will need some pedals and we recommend a few reliable pinned models from OneUp, PNW and Raceface. There is sure to be a color combo there to personalize your ride with some matching grips.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product-category/fat-bike-components/pedals/

4. Handlebars. The best way to improve the handling on your Moose is with a set of handlebars and possibly a stem. The stock bars are pretty flat and like most fat bikes, benefit from a nice set of lighter bars with more back sweep. We like the PNW range bar with an 8 degree sweep and 25mm rise or for ultimate comfort in winter trail steering the new Sweet 16 handlebar from Corvus. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product-category/fat-bike-components/cockpit/

Grab a new Moose fat bike today and enjoy all your winter adventures!


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