FBC’s Why Cycle Big Iron V2 Builds!

With so many bike shops, retailers, and direct to consumer brands, figuring out where to buy that new shiny bike can be a daunting task. When you get into high end boutique bikes like the Why Cycles Big Iron that scope narrows a bit but there are still options to consider. Let’s take a deep dive into why you should buy your new trusty Titanium steed through us!


No budget wheelsets here! We sell our Big Iron bikes with the Corvus Big Su Wheelset! This is a high level wheelset which sells on its own for $1299. Why cycles and most other dealers sell the Big Iron with the SUNringle Mulefut wheelset which is a great value but low level set of wheels. The Corvus Big Su’s are lighter with a nicer aesthetic finish. They also come with a 6-pall high engagement cold weather hub. This wheelset will take you further and faster than the stock option! We can also sell the bike with the lightest aluminum wheelset available. The HED B.H.A.D wheels for a couple hundred dollars more. This will drop the weight and increase the playfulness of the bike even more! These are 2 fantastic options that we offer at Fat Bike Canada!


Put a fork in it! But not just any fork! A sweet Enve carbon fork is what we use! Why Cycles currently uses a carbon Bontrager fork for their Big Iron Builds. Don’t get me wrong, that is also  a nice fork, but there are levels to this! The high quality and expert level machining that goes into every Enve carbon fork is special and should be acknowledged as such! This is another big plus for the way we build our bikes! Need suspension for extra shred? We install the Manitou Mastodon suspension fork on our Big Irons. This is hands down the best fat bike fork available to take your riding to the next level!


We can customize your Big Iron exactly as you want it! We build our Big Irons from the frame up. If you can dream it we can make it happen. We especially love to outfit your bike with custom coloured cockpits, pedals and even hubs if you fancy going that far. It’s extremely cost effective to change the colours of certain parts on a bike to really make it your own. Now you can turn even more heads with a shiny gold detailed titanium fat bike. I ride this bike personally and I outfitted it with cool purple details to make it unique. We love creating unique pieces of art for our clients!


Here at Fat Bikes Canada, we are the experts in “All Things Fat”! Peter Demos, owner & operator, has been in the game longer and sold more fat bikes than anyone else in all of Canada! Before fat bikes were even a thing Peter used to ride 29’er bikes with the widest tire possible on hard-packed snowmobile trails.  In 2007 Peter built a Surly Pugsley for a customer and the seed was planted.  He knew these bikes were going to become a “thing” for extending the riding season over the long cold winter months. We officially started selling fat bikes Canada-wide in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. You won’t find anyone out there who has been in the game longer or with more knowledge about fat bikes than Peter! The other gear experts here are super passionate and knowledgeable as well since it all trickles down from the top!

It’s a no brainer to purchase your Why Cycles Big Iron V2 through Fat Bikes Canada. Not only do we provide better build options than other retailers but we are also currently most likely the only source in Canada to get this bike. I just scoured the internet and couldn’t find a single Canadian retailer with any stock! We would love to get you rolling today with this incredible titanium fat bike that will last you a lifetime!

Get in contact with us today to get started and we will be thrilled to welcome you to the Fat Bikes Canada family!


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