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Deciding on a new fat bike can be a big decision. Without the proper information and guidance it can be difficult to make the right choice in terms of sizing, riding styles and component specs. That’s why the team here at Fat Bikes Canada are passionate about providing our clients with expert advice to help you navigate through the complexities of “All Things Fat”. Over the last 15 + years as the premier Canadian distributor in the fat bike category we have helped thousands of customers get on the best and most fun bike for them! We are so excited to bring you into the Fat Bikes Canada Family!


Here at Fat Bikes Canada, we are the experts in “All Things Fat”! Peter Demos, owner & operator, has been in the game longer and sold more fat bikes than anyone else in all of Canada! Before fat bikes were even a thing Peter used to ride 29’er bikes with the widest tire possible on hard-packed snowmobile trails.  In 2007 Peter built a Surly Pugsley for a customer and the seed was planted.  He knew these bikes were going to become a “thing” for extending the riding season over the long cold winter months.

Peter has lived on fat bikes since they became a thing!
  • Built one of the first Surly Pugsley fat bikes in Canada in 2007
Note: Not the original Pugsley FBC built
  • Started selling 907 bikes in 2007 through LivOutside bike department
One of FBC’s early 9:ZERO:7 bikes
  • Began working with Fatback (Corvus) in 2014
One of FBC’s Fatback Rhino bikes before they rebranded to Corvus
  • Officially started Fat Bikes Canada in 2010
  • First importer of Borealis in Canada highlighting the Yampa, the lightest fat bike on the market at the time
An early FBC Borealis build
  • One of the first importers of 45NRTH. They sold the original Husker Du tire

Peter feels that it is very important to support and work with companies that created and continue to innovate fat bikes. FBC is not interested in working with some larger bike companies who are trendier thanks to their marketing efforts. Each supplier he works with has been hand-selected for the quality of their product and their commitment to advancing fat biking.  When Peter selects suppliers, he is also very attentive to the quality of their product, so you have the assurance of high-quality time-tested bikes and components. He will not work with a company that he can confidently endorse and stand behind.

We strongly feel that if you’re looking to start fat biking or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking to upgrade their ride, Fat Bikes Canada is the best spot to get you rolling and create a lasting relationship. Welcome to the Fat Bikes Canada Family!


Our Gear Advisors are here to help with anything and everything you need to figure out! Whether you need technical advice, warranty claims, or want to build the custom bike of your dreams! We are really just a bunch of bike nerds who love to talk shop and are always here to help! We don’t want to just get you on your bike and forget about you. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Call Us: 1 844 464 2453 Email Us: eh@fatbikes.ca

Hours: Wednesday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Brands We Work With

Here at Fat Bikes Canada we only deal with the best companies that have a true focus on the fat bike category. We are talking about the pioneers and innovators in the industry who don’t follow the trends, but create them. We would rather work with these companies than some of the larger retailers who only entered the game around 2012 and followed what some of these companies were already doing!

MOOSE: We love working with Moose bikes for the simple reason that they produce the best value sub $2000 fat bike on the market! They are the only bike at this price range to offer 27.5” stud ready tires and a 12 speed drivetrain on the Moose 2 model! This is absolutely necessary in order to have a fat bike that can actually be ridden anywhere and not be limited by the terrain. Moose is making fat biking more affordable and accessible to just about anyone. Cycling is about inclusivity and Moose is definitely the embodiment of this with their offerings. Their mission is as follows: “We wish to liberalize the bicycle as a means of transport by making it more attractive and affordable. We wish to accomplish this mission by working with our greatest ambassadors: Our clients. Our goal is not to win the Tour de France one day but to reach a maximum of users and convince them of the viability of the bicycle as an alternate means of transportation.”

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/moose-2-fat-bike-2023-canada/

OTSO: OTSO was formed by some mechanical engineers from the ever reliable and successful company Wolf Tooth. They are another first mover company that is into innovation. They wanted something in a fat bike that just wasn’t available at the time so they had to create it, The OTSO Voytek. This bike is the major reason why we started working with them. It is fast, lightweight, agile, and can handle even the sharpest turns of your local singletrack with ease. Think of it as a mountain bike that can fit fat tires with adjustable geometry. They paired a narrow pedal stance—aka Q factor—with aggressive XC race geometry to build a fat bike that can intuitively handle snowy trails like your mountain bike can handle summer singletrack without sacrificing ride quality.

We have also loved the brand new bike they just released called the Arctodus! This bike is one of the absolute best options for a full out expedition ready steel fat bike that allows you to run the biggest tires with the most floatation on the market! To conquer that super deep powder deep in the back country for multi day adventures this is a top choice! All at an outstanding value!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/otso-voytek-2023-canada/

CORVUS: The pioneers of Fat Biking! Originally known as Fatback, they were the very first company to develop a fat bike for sale shortly after Surly. We are talking about the Godfathers of the category here. Corvus/Fatback was started by Greg Matyas in 2007 in Anchorage Alaska, the birthplace of fat biking. You simply can not find another company who has more history or provided more innovation in the category. They are literally responsible for changing the sport of fat biking. They are possibly one of the few companies who are still updating their frames and pushing development to this day.

Some innovations and accomplishments Corvus is responsible for: 

  • 2007 – Developed the wide symmetrical hub solved all the problems that came with original offset hub designs
  • 2009 –  Made the first fat, single wall aluminum rims, and, working with Stan’s Notubes, we introduced tubeless fat to the world in 2009 with our Uma II rims, capable of running pressures as low as 2psi
  • 2010 – Fatback has FSA produce a 2 piece lightweight Afterburner cranks to increase tire clearance
  • 2012 – Developed an even wider symmetrical hub to allow use of 5” wide tires. The mighty Fatback 197mm hub has remained the standard ever since
  • Corvus bikes have more winter endurance race wins than ALL other brands combined!

Corvus has a serious best in class lineup of fat bikes including the Akio, Skookum AF, and the Rhino FLT. These vary from race ready, to freeride, to expedition style rigs. The Akio has even been used to win multiple Iditarod races which is the longest ultra distance fat bike race. The Rhino was also rated at the top fat bike of 2020 in its category. These are accolades worthy of the pioneers in the space! No matter what type of riding you are into, Corvus has an outstanding option for you!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/corvus-akio-2023-canada/

WHY CYCLES: Why Cycles produces beautiful titanium bikes. The founder of Why is Adam Miller. He grew up in Alaska, the birthplace of fat biking and is a self-proclaimed bike nerd. He originally worked for 9:ZERO:7 bikes which is one of the very first fat bike companies. He later founded Borealis Fat Bikes in 2013. Essentially, Adam has been in the game a long time and knows all about the world of fat bikes. He then founded Why Cycles in early 2016 in Ogden, Utah focused on creating high-end bikes that reflected the joy he found in cycling. Why focused on dreaming up and sketching out beautiful bikes geared for luxury, comfort, fun, and speed.  They discussed improved methods for constructing frames, customizing components, and finding a streamlined distribution system for getting the finished products into the right customers’ hands. Why Cycles was created to meld these preliminary ideas into a boutique business model with a focus on simplicity: no marketing fluff, no unnecessary product features, and no glitchy sales tactics. Why stands for straightforward, clean, eye-catching bikes done right. The Why Cycles Big Iron V2 is simply the best titanium fat bike in the game and is why we strongly stand behind this product!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/otso-voytek-2023-canada/

Price Matching

Found a better price online? Not to worry! We price match all major Canadian dealers to ensure you get the best price possible allowing you to still work with us, the Canadian experts. We price everything we sell to match or beat the competition. The consumer is the priority!

Fast Shipping

If we receive your order by noon on a business day and the items you’ve ordered are in stock, it will go out Express the following day. Domestic orders are shipped through Canada Post, UPS or Purolator. Regular item rates are based on the dollar value of the order with Free Freight being offered for orders including $250 or more Regular Priced Items.  Please note that for Wheels and Frames, freight is free with purchase of $2000 or more. Free freight is not offered for complete bike purchases or to locations that have a Remote Destination surcharge fee.


We provide you with all the tools and support to help you build your dream bike and really show your personality! Your bike should be an extension of you. Stand out from the crowd with your new head turning ride! This includes a huge selection of parts/components, coloured Onyx hubs, coloured Wolf Tooth Bling Kits, and much much more! Our gear experts are ready to get you rolling!

The Bottom Line

If you as a consumer truly value a high quality, often customized bike from some of the best brands in the business, Fat Bikes Canada is ultra happy to help! Get in touch with our expert gear advisors today to turn those dreams into reality!


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