The Fun Way To Hard Pack Your Local Trails When The Snow Falls!

Big snowfall last night? Too hard to break trail on your fat bike? Bust out the Skin Skis!

Skin skis are the number one way to get your local trails prepped in order to ride them later on with your fat bike. They glide over the snow and actually melt it to help create a hard pack for you to roll over the next time you’re out. The friction of the skin skis on fresh snow creates rideable trails much better than snowshoeing. Snowshoes compress snow. Skin skis compress AND melt the snow together to create fast hard pack conditions for the following day. It’s faster and a heck of a lot more fun than using your snowshoes. You can cover a lot more ground as well!

Compared to snowshoes you are also just more efficient with your energy output when using skin skis. If you want to increase the effort you can go harder or you can just leisurely shuffle along your route. You will still get your cardio in! You get a lot of calories burned cross country skiing or skin skiing in comparison to a lot of other winter activities. As an added bonus you’re even helping your local trails. A good group of 5 people will make the trails pack down even better than the snow dog. One person following after the other will compress it down extremely well.

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The Kar 149 and the Wap 129 are the best skis in the OAC Skinbased lineup to get out in the fresh powder. The wide platform of the WAP and KAR make them super maneuverable and floaty over tight single track. It’s a big wide ski that will climb up steep runs and makes it feel like a toboggan run. The free heel allows you to carve up and down rolling terrain. You don’t have to let your day go to waste when you have this as an option to get you outside! The outdoors is the best medicine, let’s not forget! The WAP 129 is the most snowshoe-like in the lineup and super useful for deep powder. If you want to take it a bit slower, grab a pair of WAP 129s. If you want similar floatation but want to be able to shred your way quickly through the trails increasing the fun factor and speed then use the KAR 149s. Both are great options depending on what you are looking for. The KAR 149 is the most versatile in the lineup as the most fun and efficient all rounder.

Hands down, the best and most fun way to pack down those local trails are on OAC Skinbased Skin Skis! The groomers at the public trails will also be thankful that you did some of the work for them! Think of it as a community service!


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