Terrene Cake Eater – Setting Up Your Bike With The Fastest Studded Fat Bike Tires On A Budget

You’re ready to explore the winter trails on your new fat tire bike only to discover that everyone’s advice is you need studded tires and your bike, like most, did not come with them. Now with stories of epic wipeouts and sometimes more than a bruised ego you concern yourself with the threat of unseen ice looming around every shadowed corner. So what if you can make that new ride faster AND shred any fear of ice ridden corners? Enter the Terrene Cake Eater, the fastest and lightest studded tire available and what if you could outfit your bike with these on a budget?

So What Makes This Tire Great? 

Firstly they are made of the highest quality rubber and 120 tpi casing so they are both light, grippy and one of the few tires warrantied to run lower pressures below 8 psi commonly used in softer snow conditions. Terrene also developed this tire to offer the best grip but with the lowest rolling resistance. Sort of the implication of having your Cake and Eat it too homage. Lastly they come in 4 sizes to fit every bike and riding style from the traditional 26×4.0 and larger 4.6 to the ultrafast 27.5 x 4.0 and enormous 27.5 x 4.6. 

Each Cake Eater tire is ready with 180 pockets per tire to insert the studs of your choice. While the tire does come offered in a pre studded version with their triple crown studs we find these to be too low profile and not as durable or grippy as self studding options. 

So how do these fare when it comes to your budget? Well it is important to note you are comparing the Cake Eater with the best studded tires on the market and is most comparable to the rival Dilllinger 4 and 5 from 45NRTH which are also produced in the same factory as Terrene and of the same compound and casing. The 120tpi concave studded version of the Dillingers will set you back a cool $600 but here is the key to the Cake Eater. Your going to stud them yourself and end up with a lighter, faster and grippier set of tires for much less from Fat Bikes Canada. 

We’re giving you 4 tire size options in non studded and 2 stud kit options. 

Choose a pair of tires from 26×4.0, 26×4.6 or 27.5×4.0 or 27.5×4.5 for the low price of $285/pair then add one of 2 stud kits with installation tool. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product-category/fat-tires/

1. Our Concave Tungsten carbide studs similar to those found in the 45NRTH Dillinger for $150/kit ($435 total/set)

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/fbc-concave-stud-packs-canada/

2. Our groundbreaking Hexed Studs which feature a larger 6 sided concave carbide stud for incredible durability and bite for $195 ($480 total/set)

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/fbc-hex-stud-packs-canada/

Order these online or give us call with any of your questions and we’ll be sure you are ready for winter with the best value in studded tires for your Canadian fat bike. 


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