Terrene Cake Eater 27.5 x 2.8 Studded MTB Tire


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The best studded 27.5 MTB tire in a durable 60 tpi Tough tubeless casing. 


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Terrene Cake Eater 2.8 Studded Tire

If you ride in Canada you are likely to encounter Ice and there is a simple solution to confident riding on any trail and it’s a good studded tire. Enter Terrene, a relatively new company to enter the Fat Bike market but designers who were pioneers of some of the best designs. The new Cake Eater is a fast, low rolling resistance trail tire for superior traction and features 154 low resistance crown traction studs in tungsten carbide for the best bite and durability. You can choose an non studded version and custom stud your own with Terrene’s stud kits in 3 different stud sizes including the stock low resistance stud, a taller version for more bite and an XL fat head version. The full studded version in pre-installed with the regular depth crown version for the lowest weight and rolling resistance. These tires represent one of the best values and performance available. Eat some Cake and share your experience with others by leaving your review.

Sizes: 27.5″

TPI: 60 TPI Tough

Compound: 62A – Aramid Bead Studs: 154 Low Resistance Tungsten Carbide Crown Stud

Weight: 1028g 60 tpi Tough  Non studded 


Gliding over a frozen lake or twisting through a groomed trail—winter riding is best enjoyed with a quick and capable tire that won’t drag you down and still rail through turns. Inspired by studless winter vehicle snow tires, Cake Eater was designed to have lower center tread height with deep siping for lower rolling resistance while the side lugs remained tall and edgy for biting into soft corners. Studs pockets were added in the transition areas for optional added cornering confidence in icy conditions. Cake Eater is our fully studdable fast rolling fat tire for long days on the trail and is available in 27.5 × 2.8. Cake Eater. Ready to Ride.



Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 11 cm
Wheel Size



Full Studded, Tire Pair + Stud Kit


Tough 60 tpi

2 reviews for Terrene Cake Eater 27.5 x 2.8 Studded MTB Tire

  1. Craig Ross

    I installed 27.5 x 2.8 studded Cake Eaters on my 27.5+ hardtail. The rear tire was destroyed after two rides. I was riding on packed but not groomed trails with a mix of ice, snow, rock, and exposed frozen soil. The rear is missing ten studs and the sidewall was torn beyond repair. I was using a tubeless set up. I ride the same trail in the same conditions with studded tubeless 45N Dillinger 5 tires with no issues.

  2. Dave

    I’ve been riding the 27.5 x 2.8 for half a dozen late winter rides – trails are a mix of frozen dirt and ice. My previous set of studded tires were 27.5 x 2.25 Schwalbe Ice Spikers, which I setup tubeless (though they are not designed as such).
    So I guess I’m used to riding tires with paper-thin sidewalls, and ride accordingly. Over 3 winter seasons, I never had any issues with the sidewalls, even though I run them at fairly low pressures (16 to 20 psi) – but I mostly avoid rocks (partially to preserve the studs).
    Anyway, in comparison, I’ve upsized the tire considerably which gives better handling and control, and lower pressures. Some people complain that these tires are small for 2.8, but I was just happy they fit on my bike (not a ‘plus bike’), so they’re spot on for me. There was also zero weight penalty between the new vs. old tires, which was a nice surprise. And the sidewalls are definitely thicker. I first tried to upsize to the Ice Spikers in the tubeless ready 2.6″ version, but these were hardly any wider than the 2.25’s, and they weighed (literally) one pound more than the Terrenes – crazy heavy.

    What you gain with the Terrenes is the size, smoother rolling and some flotation. What you lose is studs, since only about 1/2 of the knobs are studded vs. every knob on the ice spikers. This is noticeable in 3 ways: 1) the tires roll so much faster on anything but pure ice, 2) the tires are way quieter when riding on ice (you can have a conversation, which you cannot with the ice-spikers), 3) there is definitely a reduction in ice traction; not so much that I feel overly-limited, but you can almost rail the Ice Spikers on ice, and even climb out of the saddle – not so with the Terrenes. I am surprised by this, but I think it actually makes a better front tire than a rear – I’ve never gone down on a corner, but I’ve definitely spun out on an icy climb.
    Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. Ice Spikers will be for sale next season.

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