Stan’s Tubeless Valves


Tubeless valves compatible with most Fat bike rims. Choose 44mm for deeper Carbon wheels. 


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Stan’s Tubeless Rim Valves Award winning tire sealant from the folks that invented tubeless conversion and redefined puncture protection. Stan’s Sealant is the original tire sealant trusted by more riders and the inventor of tubeless technology. Pick up a container to Stan’s, some tape and valves and your on your way to a better ride feel and greatly reduced rotational weight. Stan’s has been specifically designed to perform in all riding conditions. Even to temperatures as low as -30F. We recommend 6-8oz per tire and adding an ounce every 3-4 months. Unlike other tire sealants, Stan’s Tire Sealant is a very thin, low viscosity liquid that coats the inside of the tire and carries with it specially formulated sealing crystals. The low viscous nature allows the sealant to quickly reach the puncture site and the crystals aid in sealing large holes, something which thicker or foaming style sealants cannot claim. Stan’s Tire Sealant will stay liquid in a mountain bike tire with a thin casing for 2-7 months on average. Riding in arid climates or storing the bike in a hot area will requires more frequent monitoring of sealant levels. Special anti-freeze agents allow the sealant to be used in environments as cold as -30° F.e.

35mm, 44mm


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