S4 Suspensions Bluto Winter Seal Kit


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Save your winter Bluto performance with theis full seal kit from S4 Suspensions for your Rock Shox Bluto Rl or RCT3. Prevents air pressure loss in cold (-10 celcius or below) temperature ranges.

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S4 Suspensions – Winter Bluto Seal Kit

Here it is: the much needed and affordable RockShox bluto seal kit by S4 Suspensions! This kit, tested and approved by our staff riders, can and will allow you to ride your RS bluto fork in the coldest temperatures out there. Stock seals will leave you stranded with zero millimeters of travel. The bluto seal kit will allow you to ride without even thinking about your fork. This kit comes with everything necessary, and we mean everything, to upgrade your fork to an all season fork. This kit is compatible with RockShox bluto RL nd RCT3 forks. Kit includes: 1. 106 cc 2.5wt damper fluid 100% synthetic 2. 5 cc BASF air chamber fluid 3. 10 cc RSP damp champ grease 100% synthetic 4. damper seal head outer o-ring 5. damper seal head inner quad ring 6. air piston quad ring 7. air floating seal head outer o-ring 8. air floating seal head inner o-ring 9. 2 x crush washer 10. 2 x s4 sticker S4 Suspension Bluto Kit Install Instructions


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