Otso Voytek


The Otso Voytek is one of the most versatile Fatbike frames on the market. With many potential uses it can be transformed from a Plus Sized bike with a suspension fork to a winter ready Fatbike. Due to it’s aggressive XC Race geometry, narrow Q-factor and adjustable wheelbase are some of the key features that make it feel nimble and perfect for year round trail ridding and set it apart from other Fatbikes on the market.

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Otso Voytek

When describing a fat bike, you wouldn’t typically describe it as agile. That’s where the Voytek is different. We paired a narrow pedal stance–aka Q factor–with aggressive XC race geometry to build a fat bike that can intuitively handle snowy trails like your mountain bike can handle summer singletrack. With a narrow Q factor, your weight is closer to the centerline of the bike. This is especially important when cornering because it allows for tight, responsive control–the wider Q factor found on most fat bikes spreads out your pedals and creates a floppy, unstable feel. With the Voytek, you don’t need to compromise agile handling to ride up to 4.6” tires.


The Tuning Chip rear dropout is at the heart of the versatile Voytek. With a quick change in positions, the wheelbase of the Voytek can be extended or shortened by up to 20mm, which also changes bottom bracket height by up to 4mm. In the forward position, you’ve got an aggressive, responsive Voytek for your next race. In the rear position, you’ve got that same intuitive handling but with added stability to make it easier to ride in deep snow or adverse terrain. In the middle, well, that’s the best of both worlds.  

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