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The best sealant formulated for either Summer or Winter conditions.


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Orange Seal Tubeless  Sealant  Regular Orange Sealant works best in temperatures above 10 C and Orange Seal Sub Zero Sealant was specifically designed for colder temperatures and to meet the demands of the fat bike community by performing in a wider range of temperatures below freezing. We recommend 6-8oz per tire. Your tubeless wheels will benefit from the use of Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant. It is proven to seal large punctures up to 1/4″ and perform under varying temperatures and altitudes. Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant is compatible with most bike tire systems and is eco-friendly. Nanites Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Tire Sealant consists of multiple sizes and shapes of solid particles or what we call “nanites”. When a puncture occurs, the nanites quickly seal the hole keeping the air in the tire and you rolling down the trail or road. Premium Latex Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Tire Sealant consists of a proprietary premium latex. This latex formula was developed to co-exist with the “nanites” and clot the puncture at warp speed. The mixture has a long life span and is sustainable at extreme altitude and temperatures. Lightweight The weight of a bike wheel has a major effect on bike performance. Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Tire Sealant was developed to be as lightweight as possible. 4oz of sealant adds only 119.6 grams to your wheel. Eco-Friendly Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Tire Sealant contains planet friendly biodegradable ingredients. Proven Orange Seal Cycling Tubeless Tire Sealant has been proven to seal a 1/4inch tire puncture.

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1 review for Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant

  1. Sylvain Forgez (verified owner)

    You want the best sealant for any tubeless setup, best sealant and I tried them all.
    If you’re having issues with this sealant, the sealant ain’t the problem.
    I’m using this all my enduro and fat bikes.

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