One Up 45T Conversion


Get the biggest cassette range ever! 11x45T from One-Up for the new 11speed Shimano XT M8000. Then you can brag how you have the biggest disk (or just make steeper hills in the saddle)

Ed the Moose

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Out of stock

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The 45T upgrade increases the stock Shimano 11 speed 11-40 cassette range by 12.5%. The 45T provides more total cassette range, it’s not just an easier granny gear. Adding the OneUp 45T sprocket lets you increase your 1×11 front chainring from a 30 to 34T without losing any low range.Eliminate dropped chains forever with our true Narrow Wide chainringdesign. 


Shimano M-8000

Rear Derailleur

Shimano RD


Shimano CS-8000, 11x42T


Shimano CN-


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