Mudhugger Rear Gravelhugger Fender


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Mudhugger Rear Gravelhugger Fender

Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled black polypropylene. Following the tried and tested rear Mudhugger design, will fit most bike frame seat stays (with angles approx 40-55 degrees) and designed for tyres up to 50mm wide. The Rear GravelHugger is designed to be attached to the bike with zipties as these afford the most secure way to fitting. See fitting vid below, fitting the new GH is the same as our tried and tested MTB Rear Mudhugger 🙂 PLEASE ENSURE YOU USE THE HELITAPE PROVIDED WITH THE REAR MUDHUGGERS. INVISIFRAME OR ELECTRICAL TAPE ARE NOT SUFFICIENT TO PROTECT YOUR BIKES PAINT AND FRAME.    


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