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Kenda Juggernaut

Kenda introduced the Juggernaut as their first fat bike tire this past year and has been a popular spec on many brands this season and is offered in two versions; the Sport and the Pro. Both share the same tread pattern which offers decent grip on dirt and a low rolling resistance making it a good summer option. While it doesn’t perform like the best tires out there it is hard to fault the Juggernaut at this price. The 26 x 4.0 wire bead 60 tpi Sport version simply cannot be compared to anything at $79 while the Pro 120 tpi version is the lightest fat bike tire available at under 900 grams! Kenda definitely hit both ends of the spectrum with this tire. Will you choose light and fast or cheap and definitely still cheerful?

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Kenda Says….

For Kenda’s first foray into fat tires, we looked at our fattest off road tires – motorcycle. Inspired by the championship winning Millville 2 tire for grip in any environment and featuring multiple sizes with tread heights optimized for maximum performance. The Juggernaut is an unstoppable force, is there more we need to say?

  • Sub 900 gram weight for the Pro 26×4.00
  • Large casing for better flotation in snow
  • Front and Rear application

212003 DTC  BLK TR FOLDING 120 30 1403±70
212007 DTC  BLK WIRE 60 30 1567±78

212006 DTC  BLK TR FOLDING 120 30 835±42
212008 DTC  BLK WIRE 60 30 1285±50
Weight 1250.00 kg

60 TPI, 120 TPI

Tire Size

26" x 4", 26" x 4.5"

2 reviews for Kenda Juggernaut Sport + Pro

  1. Robert I Dyck

    These tires offer ample grip on hard dirt or frozen dirt. They offer ZERO grip in snow. All types of snow stick to this tire giving you the displeasure of trying to turn a ‘snow donut’. When you look at the tread pattern you leave behind in the snow, you will be dismayed to find that, alas, there is no tread pattern visible only the gross, useless mess of a track left behind while your snow donut compressed more snow around itself. If you’re riding with friends, be prepared to spend time alone watching them scamper playfully along ahead of you while you mutter choice words softly to yourself, trying to not to be the Debbie Downer of the day.
    Remember the whole point of a fat bike is the tire. There is nothing else (except standover height) that matters. Be smart; add a Jumbo Jim to your cart instead and enjoy the winter.

  2. Cliff Eisler

    I can’t say that I’ve had anything like the experience that Mr. Dyck had. When I used my Kenda Juggernaut Sport tires in the snow last winter, they worked quite well. I didn’t have any snow stick to the tire whatsoever. They gripped and rolled well enough that I was satisfied with their performance. They roll with more resistance when new than they do after they’ve broken in a bit, thank goodness, because they are a slog when new.

    These tires came stock on my 2017 Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10. The 10 is Rocky’s lead-in fat bike and is equipped with less expensive parts than their other models. Because of this, the Juggernaut tires came in with rather low expectations from me. I had read that they were not all that great. These tires exceeded my expectations and continue to impress. I rode with them in the worst “gumbo” mud that our province has to offer and was simply amazed at the tires ability to find traction up all the hills that my legs would take me, even when clogged with gooey mud.

    I can’t give these tires a five star rating simply because I have nothing to compare them with. This is my first fat bike. I would buy them again, especially for the price. Fat bike tires are hideously expensive. Some fat bike tires cost more than good motorcycle tires. I hope that I’m too “experienced” (meaning old) to fall for the need to show my status by conspicuous consumption when it comes to tires. That’s for other folks.

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