Industry Nine Big Rig 85mm Carbon Wheel Set


  • Carbon fiber, made in the USA.
  • 445g per rim.
  • 32 hole, disc brake only.
  • Tubeless design patent pending
  • Single wall rim
  • 85mm wide
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BigRig 825 Carbon. Our customers asked us for the ultimate no-holds-barred Fat Bike wheelset, and that is exactly what we gave them. For adventure riding or trail sleighing; snow, desert, or forest, we’ve applied our ultimate compatibility principals to this wheel set.  We offer two rear hub platforms for either QR170/12X177 or QR190/12×197 in order to fit your fatbike frame.   No matter what front axle combination you need, we have your covered with our universal fatbike front hub.  Whether your bike needs QR135, 15×135, 15×142, 15×150, or the original rear offset QR135, our front hub will work with your bike.

The Combination of our legendary 3 degreee engagement hubset and stiff, reliable straight pull spoke system, with HED’s incredibly light and simple tubeless carbon “Big Deal” Rims simply yields the fastest fatbike wheelset on the planet.

The HED Big Deal is 445 grams of pure fat-bike joy. This one-piece, full-carbon constructed rim will change the way you ride. Big Deal utilizes a ribbed, single-wall design to maximize stiffness and minimize rotational weight…all on a tubeless ready platform. Expect your fat bike to lose between 1.5 and 2 lbs per wheel! The 85mm rim does not require tire levers to get tires on or off.

Big Deal utilizes Inflatobam, Hed’s patent pending tubeless system for installing big tires. The twin channel rim design provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tire bead against the rim. This drastically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the beads to “bam” into place. In conjunction with the rim shape, Inflatobam utilizes Inflatobands. These effectively provide a variable rim-channel diameter. This compensates for the discrepancies in tire bead diameters by minimizing the gap between the tire and the rim channels (the main source of air leaks). Once seated, the angled bead shelf prevents the tire from collapsing back into the rim at low pressure. Our interior surfacing and tight tolerances ensure no tire burp or slip. Welcome to a new era – consider yourself Inflatobammed!

The new 2016 HED Big Deal is built with the new superlight HED Carbon Shell hubs and is lighter than ever! The Big Deal can also be special ordered with hubs from Industry 9 hubs or Onyx. The Big Deal is built with CX ray spokes and alloy nipples. Like other HED wheels, it is molded and built right in the Minnesota factory…from start to finish.


1780 grams/set
*Weight varies depending on bearing and axle specification and does not include tubeless tape and valves

Rims – HED Big Deal Carbon Rims 32 hole drilling. 85mm width. 445g per rim. Single wall, tubless ready rim.

Front Hub: – 2 bearings with external o-ring seals.  – *Hub weight varies depending on axle/bearing spec. Front axles options: 9×135 QR, 10×135 QR (Rear offset disc spacing), 15×135, 15×142, and 15×150

Rear Hub: – 4 bearings with external Teflon seals and silicone freehub seal. 170mm rear axle options: 170mm QR, 10×170 and 12x177mm axle options. 190mm rear axle options: 190mm QR, 12×190 and 12x197mm. *Hub weight varies depending on axle/bearing spec.

Driver: 9/10 spd or XD1 – 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism

Spokes – Rear – drive side 2.9/2.7mm butted, non drive 2.9/2.7mm butted. Front – disc side 2.9/2.7mm, non disc 2.9/2.7mm.

Stock Colors – All red or all black hubs/spokes with HED Carbon rims, Silver hubs with black spokes on HED Carbon rims.

Grease in hubs rated for -40 degrees F


Front axles options: 9×135 QR, 10×135 QR (Rear offset disc spacing), 15×135, 15×142, and 15×150

Rear axles options: 170mm rear axle options: 170mm QR and 12x177mm

190mm rear axle options: 190mm QR and 12x197mm

Custom Colors* – Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Lime and Turquoise

Custom Lacing options* – Mix and match spoke colors for a true custom look

XD1 Driver body for SRAM XX1 type cassette.

Hybrid Ceramic bearings*

*Upcharges apply*

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Hub Set Dimensions

F135mm/R170mm, F135mm/R177mm, F135mm/R190mm, F135mm/R197mm, F142mm/R177mm, F150mm/R177mm, F150mm/R197mm


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