HED BFD 100mm Carbon Wheel Set


HED Wheel Sets are completely manufactured and laced in house in Minnesota and while we try to stock a few of their sets we do not have all configurations so  typically these will take a few weeks for delivery but it will all be worth it. They are by the far the lightest fat bike wheel on the market by hundreds, yes hundreds of grams per wheel. They also feature the most dependable tubeless rim profile because there’s nothing quite worse than a tubeless flat at -20c. Feel like you have wings and order a set of the best fat rim available! The Big Fat Deal 100 is a full 100mm wide carbon rim. Like a Clowshoe ultra wide profile but without all that weight. If you looking for the biggest footprint with a 4.5″ or larger tire these are the ticket.

Order HED Wheels from Fat Bikes Canada and receive the best Canada wide crash replacement policy and guaranteed best pricing in Canada. For other hub sizes or a professional wheel build give us a ring at 844.464.BIKE.

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The HED BFD 100 is only 485 grams an a full 100mm width. This one-piece, full-carbon constructed rim will change the way you ride. BFD 100 utilizes a ribbed, single-wall design to maximize stiffness and minimize rotational weight…all on a tubeless ready platform. Expect your fat bike to lose between 1.5 and 2 lbs per wheel! The 100mm rim does not require tire levers to get tires on or off. Big Deal utilizes Inflatobam, Hed’s patent pending tubeless system for installing big tires. The twin channel rim design provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tire bead against the rim. This drastically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the beads to “bam” into place. In conjunction with the rim shape, Inflatobam utilizes Inflatobands. These effectively provide a variable rim-channel diameter. This compensates for the discrepancies in tire bead diameters by minimizing the gap between the tire and the rim channels (the main source of air leaks). Once seated, the angled bead shelf prevents the tire from collapsing back into the rim at low pressure. Our interior surfacing and tight tolerances ensure no tire burp or slip. Welcome to a new era – consider yourself Inflatobammed! The new 2016 BFD in built with HED’s new ultralight Brickhouse carbon shell hubs so their lighter than ever! Special orders also available with Industry 9 hubs or Onyx hubs. The BFD is built with CX ray spokes and alloy nipples. Like other HED wheels, it is molded, built and laced in the Minnesota factory…from start to finish. RIM TYPE: Tubeless-ready clincher WHEEL SIZE: FAT 26 RIM WIDTH: 100mm HUB COMPATIBILITY: Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11, or SRAM XD SPOKE TYPE: Bladed steel RECOMMENDED TIRE SIZE: 4.5″+ WEIGHT: 500g/rim; 1,850g/wheelset


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HED Brickhouse Carbon

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Shimano STD, SRAM XD


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