HED B.H.D 27.5″ Carbon Wheel Set


With only a few 27.5 fat bikes available so far on the market HED has already applied their carbon technology to the category. Enter the B.H.D wheelset at 27.5″ x 85mm and only 465g per rim or 1730g for the complete wheelset with the Carbon Brickhouse Hubs. Fortunate for you, you may not have to have a new fangled 27.5 fat bike to run these on your rig as they fit many fat bikes with clearance for 26×4.8 depending on chainstay length. So you may ask “What would this benefit?”. Well if you tried your first 29er bike after being a 26″ rider it is like that. Instead of adding contact and grip by going wider instead increase the length of the contact by running a larger diameter. We have been running and testing 27.5 for as long as we have been able to get tires and we can claim easier to roll over obstacles, lower rolling resistance, more precision in cornering and similar grip to 26×4.8 when running 27.5×4.5. Whether your racing or just ripping these should be your next wheel size.

  • Carbon fiber, made in the USA.
  • 465g per rim
  • 32 hole, disc brake only.
  • Tubeless design patent pending
  • Single wall rim
  • 85mm wide
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We know you like it big. We know you like it carbon. We know that, well, you’re kind of a Big Deal, and people know you. Thus far, our Big Deal fat rims and wheels have won the hearts of cyclists around the world. What if that’s not enough for you? What if we told you that we now have an even BIGGER deal than before?Enter: The Big Half Deal (B.H.D.). This is a special, larger diameter version of our beloved 85mm-wide carbon Big Deal rim. With a 27.5-inch size, it’s smack-dab-HALF-way between a 26″ wheel and a 29″ wheel. If you have a new-fangled 27.5″ fat bike, this is THE performance wheel choice. Like other Big Deals, the B.H.D. is tube-less ready with our proprietary Inflatobam technology. Build Options: The B.H.D. is available as a rim-only, or as a complete wheel using Hed Brickhouse hubs. RIM TYPE: Tubeless-ready clincher WHEEL SIZE: FAT 27.5″ RIM WIDTH: 85mm HUB COMPATIBILITY: Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11, or SRAM XD SPOKE TYPE: Bladed steel RECOMMENDED TIRE SIZE: 4.5″+ MAXIMUM TIRE PRESSURE: 20psi FRONT WHEEL WEIGHT: 815 grams REAR WHEEL WEIGHT: 915 grams RIM WEIGHT: 465 grams RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT: 250LBS Compatible Tires: Bontrager Barbegazzi 4.5, Maxxis Minion FBF/R 3.8 – More to come.


Hub Set Dimensions

F150mm/R177mm, F150mm/R197mm

Free hub Body

Shimano Std, SRAM XD


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