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UPDATE: Our custom insertion tool is out of stock. This will come with a 45NRTH Insertion Tool Currently


Our New Super traction HEXED Studs offer the best performing and value stud available! Not quite XL, the best blend of traction and weight in a genuine Tungsten Carbide stud. Available in packs of 100, 250 or kit with our own FBC ergonomic stud insertion tool!

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Fat Bikes Canada HEX Stud Packs

Looking for the best Bite for the Buck? Look no further than our new FBC HEXED (Hex Head) Super Traction stud kits. We work directly with the top Tire stud manufacturers directly to bring you this new size and profile of Carbide stud. The HEXED studs are 1.5x the size of a normal stud with a deeper concave and 6 sided to create more points to bite harder into icy trails. Going half the way to an XL size also saves weight and reduces the potential for studs to pull out from wood and roots. If you have non studded/custom studdable tires with stud pockets these are designed to work with all these models. Our studs have the same 2 piece aluminum (lighter) casing and unique tungsten carbide offered by other leading market studs and use the same installation tools. By dealing direct we are able you to offer this new innovative design at a more competitive price! (Note: If you don’t have an install tool don’t forget to order one with your kits) Quantity: Packs of 100 and 250 (most tires offer between 200 and 250 stud locations so you while you can stud some or all on your tires. Also look at our regular concave studs to create a mix of HEXED and CAVED studs if your looking for a bit more value) IMPORTANT:  Please note that after installing these studs into your tires, it is advised that they should be finally seated by going on a gentle 5-10KM ride. Aggressive trail riding after freshly installing HEX studs (or any larger stud type) may result in a higher than normal stud-loss.  Fat Bikes Canada offers the largest selection and inventory of Fat Bike related Products in Canada. All pricing guaranteed for 30 days from purchase.

100, 250, 250 w/ Tool

4 reviews for FBC Hex Studs

  1. David Smith (verified owner)

    Ordering easy, shipping fast.
    Got these to fill in the holes of the 45NRTH XL concave studs on Wrathchild 27.5 Plus studded tires. So far so good. While they are smaller than the XL concave studs – the height is similar. Used a security torx bit that I magnetized as an insertion tool and used Isopropyl Alcohol applied with a small syringe as lube as recommended by 45NRTH. Been out on some off camber glare ice and really no drama – just grips.

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    I bought a pack of 250 of these studs to replace some Terrene concave studs in a Wazia tire. The FBC hex studs are substantially bigger in the tip area and fit perfectly in the tire. The FBC studs are obviously more aggressive. Good value, good function. Exactly what I wanted.

  3. Merlin Toth (verified owner)

    I replaced the 2 centre rows of original studs in 2 sets of Dillinger 5 tires with these after the 45NRTH ones had worn flat. They are a little taller and more aggressive and I think they give better traction on ice than the originals. The originals lasted for 5 seasons and time will tell if these do as well. I used a spray bottle of soapy water to lube the sockets and they popped in just fine, took about an hour per tire to remove the old ones, and insert the new ones. When I eventually replace the tires I think I will buy unstudded and put these in the two centre rows and 45NRTH XL’s or Terrene triple traction studs in the outside rows.

  4. DUSTIN MCLACHLAN (verified owner)

    These are incredible, like velcro for icy trails. My first order was short a pack of studs, but FBC was quick to fix it and sent the missing pack immediately.

    Easy to install with the tool and some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

    I’ve had a few studs pull out on roots sticking out of the snow. I don’t think these specific studs are to blame since the base is pretty much identical to previous worn-out studs. It’s likely that the stud holes were a bit worn out after removing the old ones.

    My advice is to use rubbing alcohol to remove your old studs and minimize damage to the rubber. Buy a few extra studs, and replace them as needed with a spot of vulcanising cement.

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