FBC Concave Stud Kits


These are a very popular FBC house-brand stud kit that provides excellent traction for an affordable price!  Made from genuine Tungsten Carbide for ultimate durability. Currently available in packs of 100, 250 and 250 with our own nicely ergonomic FBC Stud Insertion Tool.




Fat Bikes Canada Concave Stud Packs

Looking for great bite on ice for an affordable price? Check out our FBC Concave High Traction stud kits. We work directly with the top Tire stud manufacturers to bring you this solid size and profile Carbide stud. Like our HEX studs, these are designed to work most tires with stud pockets. Our studs have the same 2 piece aluminum (lighter) casing and unique tungsten carbide offered by other leading market studs and use the same installation tools. By dealing direct, we are able you to offer this new innovative design at a more competitive price! Quantity: Packs of 100, 250 and 250 with our FBC Stud Tool (most tires offer between 200 and 250 stud locations so you while you can stud some or all on your tires. ) Fat Bikes Canada offers the largest selection and inventory of Fat Bike related Products in Canada. All pricing guaranteed for 30 days from purchase.  

100, 250, 250 with FBC Stud Insertion tool


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