Fatty Stripper Latex Rim Strips (Pair)


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Now at FBC by popular demand, these Latex strips are an easy and reliable way to set-up your fat bike tubeless regardless of what wheels you have.  These are commonly used by folks that have non-tubeless ready rims and those that what to prevent tire burping when running at very low tire pressure. 

FattyStrippers for the win!!!



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Fatty Stripper Latex Rim Strips

FattyStripper’s Latex RimStrips provide quick and simple way to set your wheels tubeless – even if your rims are not tubeless compatible.  These rim strips provide a reliable seal and are depended upon by hundreds of riders and athletes across the continent. These strips fit 26″ rims up to 105mm wide, 27.5″ rims up to 90mm wide, and 29″ rims up to 75mm wide. Weight depends upon the width needed. Each unmounted, untrimmed rimstrip weighs ~49g. After mounting and trimming on a 90mm wide rim, the rimstrip weighed ~38g. Strips are one-time use only – once you have installed them with tires, they cannot be reused a second time. When purchasing these rim strips, don’t forget you’ll also need tubeless valves and tubeless sealant.    

1 review for Fatty Stripper Latex Rim Strips (Pair)

  1. Guillaume Roy

    The greatest upgrade for your fatbike, no burp, your tires will not loose any pressure. Put 5 psi in mine almost everytime or less, you check it 1 week or more after, still at the same pressure.60 ml of stan’s in my dillinger 5 27.5 flawless for 500km (the entire season) I run sometimes at 2 psi…

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