Blivet KOLL Helmet


Super light full winter cycling head protection with integrated eye protection all for only $125!

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Blivet KOLL CS Helmet, (cycling & snow) 

Blivet Sports is very proud and happy to offer you this season a new generation of our very popular KOLL, the CS. The new KOLL cs is the only helmet on the market that is both compliant for cycling and snow sports. Indeed, we have overcome all the tests. The KOLL cs is certified for the CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets for people 5 years of age and older as well as the American Society of Testing Materials ASTM F2040 recreational snow sports safety standard. Also new a very interesting feature, the addition of a rear attachment for a completely removable ski window. By bike, ski, snowboard, for very cold days, extreme conditions. The new KOLL cs has a fully removable goggle retainer which holds the wide strap of your goggle in place. All you need to do is remove the retractable lens and wear it with a bezel that completely covers your face. Maximum safety, perfect thermal protection, a flawless look. The BLIVET KOLL cs helmet, the most complete helmet in the industry. Lightweight, robust construction, made of quality materials and unique design, the KOLL cs is specifically designed for winter use. It is a helmet without openings to keep the head warm and has a retractable (and replaceable) lens to protect the face. Very comfortable, designed with an excellent micro adjustable stabilization system, it also features a three-position neck adjustment system for greater comfort and stability. Additional new features KOLL will be offered with two lenses.
  • 1 x transparent all-purpose
  • 1 x mirror
All lenses are specifically perforated multiple times, allowing air to move and stopping frost formation, maximizing visibility and protecting your face and eyes from cold winds. A single universal size, covering 54 to 60cm of head circumference and allowing you to wear one of our brand new thin NASAK cups. Specifications:
  • Molded type construction
  • Micro plastic outer layer and internal polystyrene structure
  • Comfortable, flexible and easy-fit belts
  • Three lenses included, transparent, mirror tinted, yellow tinted.
  • Removable strap for bezel
  • Weight: 353g
  • Universal size MED (54-60cm)
  • CPSA certified (cycling)
  • Certified ASTM F2040 (sliding sport)


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