Bar Mitts Neoprene Pogies


A simple but warm solution for keeping your hands warm or wearing lighter gloves for improved grip. 

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Bar Mitts Neoprene Fat Bike Pogies

Bar Mitts, the original cycling neoprene pogies offer a low profile and excellent solution for most riders when it comes to cold temperature riding. The neoprene shell offers both wind protection and warmth. Easy to enter and exit while riding and quick to install or remove if you don’t always want to ride with them.

  • Waterproof, 5 mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side
  • Bar Mitts stay open allowing easy access & removal of hands
  • Easily installed & removed. Has an inside velcro cinch that attaches around the handlebars which keeps the Mitts in place
  • Can open zipper to cool off if you get overheated
  • S/M is the original one size fits all. 10″ wide by shifters/brakes & 11″ long. Used with or without lighter/thinner glove liners or fingers gloves
  • Large is 10.5″ wide by shifters/brakes, 12″ long & has a 1″ gusset (extra neoprene) on the inside & outside seam
  • XL is 11″ wide by shifters/brakes, 13.25″ long & has a 1′ gusset (extra neoprene) on the inside & outside seam
  • Large & XL Mitts are designed to accommodate thicker/heavier gloves, but thin liners can be used also
  • Mitts are also available to accommodate Bar Ends (2 holes) or a Bar End Mirror (1 hole)
  • Reflective material on seam & logo

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