45NRTH XL Carbide Stud Kit



Big Fat Aggressive XL tungsten carbide studs to insert into any tire with stud pockets.




45NRTH studs are 2 piece aluminum (lighter) casing with a tungsten carbide that is concave to offer considerably higher wear resistance and more importantly better bite. Now introducing an XL version with the carbide being the same diameter as the casing for superior grip and considerably lighter than other large stud options. These new studs will work in any tires with stud pockets including 45nrth Dillingers, New Wrathchild 4.6 or 27+, Terrene tires and the Vee rubber snowshoe XL. These will make a great upgrade to your existing studded tire by adding a few XL versions into your mix. 45nrth never makes enough of these so get em early. *Expected delivery for first orders will be Mid to Late October 2017*

• Replacement studs for winter tires (and Wolfgar
• Uses the same two-piece construction method
as the concave carbide-aluminum studs
• Features a super-sized carbide crown tip with
twice the surface area for added traction over
the original concave stud
• Stud base is the same size and shape as
conventional studs for cross-compatibility and
custom setups.
• Available in 100pc and 25pc kits
• Stud insertion tool required (sold separately)

Using the same two-piece construction method as the standard carbide-aluminum product, this stud features a carbide tip with a concave shape on the crown. The concave crown creates a very sharp attack angle to the surface, resulting in an unparalleled amount of traction. Any wear that occurs to the carbide crown creates an even sharper edge – continuously augmenting acceleration, braking and cornering performance as it ages.


25 Piece Kit, 100 Piece Kit


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