45NRTH Wrathchild Trail 27.5×3.0 Studded Tire



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Incredible studded grip for plus bikes shredding winter trails! 45NRTH calls this the 3.0 but measures to 2.8″ Now comes in 60TPI casing with regular Concave Studs.

Be sure to seat the studs with a gentler ride first before getting rowdy on the trails! 

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45NRTH Wrathchild Trail 27.5 Plus Studded Tire

An aggressive lugged tire for the 27.5 plus riders to transition to the winter season. With 252 concave carbide studs offering the ultimate in traction for winter hard pack and icy trails. This tire is being first offered in a 2.8″ version and has been created for the rapidly growing plus bike market and is ideally suited for a 35-50mm rim. Expect incredible grip and the safety of some serious studded tungsten carbide for those ice patches on your favorite single track riding year round.


  • 27.5” plus sized studded tire
  • Studs: 252 XL Concave (Carbide Tip / Aluminum Post)
  • Aggressive tread provided unparalleled traction and stability
  • Deep center lugs deliver enhanced acceleration and braking traction in the most wintry conditions
  • Super tall side lugs ensure cornering accuracy and confidence
  • New proprietary XL oversized concave studs with aluminum body and carbide steel tip
  • Tubeless compatible Folding Bead / 120 TPI / Studded
  • Size: 27.5 x 3.0″
XL CONCAVE WINTER TIRE STUDS • Uses the same two-piece construction method as the concave carbide-aluminum studs • Features a super-sized carbide crown tip with twice the surface area for added traction over the original concave stud
A large flat edge on the bottom of the bead results in more surface area contact with the shelf of the rim. This increased surface area creates a more effective and secure seal for tubeless set ups. The surface of the entire bead is also smooth, reducing the number of small gaps that allow air to leak between the bead and rim shelf. Running your fatbike without tubes can reduce the weight of each wheel by 300 grams and provide a suppler ride quality. Always consult rim manufacturer instructions before setting up tubeless tires to ensure safety and compatibility.

120 TPI, 60 TPI


252 XL Concave Carbide Aluminum Studs, 252 Concave Carbide Studs

2 reviews for 45NRTH Wrathchild Trail 27.5×3.0 Studded Tire

  1. Wn

    Bought a pair of the Wrathchild 27.5x 3.0’s. They are lightweight, indeed. Studless, they make a fairly nice trail ride tire. With a 120 TPI casing, they conform to the surface readily and hold their traction amazingly well. I’ve been riding em at 10 psi front and 12 psi rear with very pleasing results. The feel of the tire is excellent as they are supple and don’t have the massive rolling resistance expected from an aggressive tread.

    Pros: Predictable, comfortable, light, low rolling resistance. Traction is excellent.

    Cons: Not even close to 3.0. Rocket Ron’s are by far fatter. Run a couple psi more than a real 3.0.

    • Fat Bikes Canada

      Thanks for your input as one of the first riders with some time on the Wrathchild. With a wet Spring and muddy trails we found these to be a great wet traction tire that sheds mud very well. Looking forward to studding them up for winter. Think with the height of the lugs and adding XL studs they may have been on the cautious side of volume spec.

  2. Cory

    The Wrathchilds were fairly light weight, were reasonably easy to set up tubeless and had fantastic grip. Too bad so many studs rip out every ride. I have a few friends who ride with these tires as well. We lose from 3 to 60 studs per ride on snow covered trails with a few sections of ice and the odd tree root. My friends replace the studs with smaller and cheaper studs than the stock 45nrth studs. To me this is simply unacceptable. This is the fifth set of studded tires I’ve had and I’ve never been more disappointed with a tire in my life.

    • Peter DeMos

      45NRTH provides instructions with all studded tires which recommend a 20km “bed in” ride on flat terrain before doing any aggressive riding. The XL studs on this model provide better grip with a larger surface stud which will have more tendency to pull out if a good bed in isn’t done prior to singletrack rides.

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