45NRTH Dillinger 5- 26 x 4.6 Studded Tire


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The popular Dillinger 5 has been updated for 2019 with larger side lugs for better cornering, Improved Tubeless bead and is now available in the economical 60 tpi version with flat Steel Carbide studs. 


Current Restock ETA – 120 TPI December 2021, 60 TPI January 2022


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45NRTH Dillinger 5 Studded Tire

If your Canadian and own a Fat Bike your riding in the winter, in snow and very typically that means ICE. The Dillinger 4 and 5 are those tires for Canadian winters and ideally staying upright when encountering an icy section of trail. The first time you take a “hipper” you will want Dillingers. The price might hurt more than the fall but you will ride more and the pain will go away after you tear through trails and lakes with potential icy sections with only a big grin on your face (this feeling will happen for years because winter tires used in winter last many seasons). These are the best all round studded tire hands down. If your on the fence, realize that when you find out you want these things they will likely be out of stock everywhere.


Size: 26 x 4.6″ Studs: 258 Aluminum Carbide Flat or Concave Studs


The larger cousin of the original studded fat bike tire. 258 lightweight studs with concave carbide tips and aluminum bases allow you to rail icy, off-camber single track with confidence and control. The Dillinger 5 floats on top of loose snow and digs while turning, accelerating or braking on ice and packed snow. Tightly spaced center treads roll fast and do not let Dillinger’s unparalleled traction get in the way.

Updated 45NRTH Dillinger 5 for 2019!

  • Now available in an economical 60 tpi version with Flat Steel carbide Studs or the performance 120 tpi version with concave tungsten carbide studs
  • Tread has been updated with larger side lugs for improved cornering
  • Updated tubeless bead for easier set up on a wider range of rim profiles
  • Lowest rolling resistance studded tire available in a 4.6″ width
  • Large volume full traction winter fat bike tire
  • The ultimate 4.6” fat bike tire provides a large footprint for deep snowy off-track conditions and for icy trail stability
  • Featuring 258 lightweight aluminum-carbide studs with patented concave profile
  • Concave profile studs provides more working edges on each stud for added traction and rider confidence
  • Studless tire performs excellent on dry conditions, or can be custom setup with 45nrth Regular or XL Stud Kits
  • Updated folding tubeless bead / 60 tpi or 120 tpi




60 TPI, 120 TPI

2 reviews for 45NRTH Dillinger 5- 26 x 4.6 Studded Tire

  1. Garry (verified owner)

    These are truly amazing tires for winter riding. I ride on pure ice along a river shoreline and feel very stable. I was also very happy with the low rolling resistance. They roll easier than the stock tires that came with the bike and these weren’t studded.
    Highly recommend for anyone who rides on snow or ice in the winter and doesn’t enjoy falling!

  2. Craig Ross (verified owner)

    Great tires. Predictable traction in all conditions. Studs stay firmly planted in the pockets. No issues with tubeless set up. Capable of running at very low pressures without burping.

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