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A waterproof and lightly insulated boot for plus riders, commuting and fat bike racing the Japanther is a great mid season boot or for those in warmer condition above -5C.

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45nrth Japather Winter cycling Boot

Looking for a transition boot or just a solid waterproof riding boot? Look no further than the 45NRTH Japanther! For many riders and seasons the 45NRTH Wolvhammer can be too warm or too much boot for the job, enter the Japanther. We recommend this boot for Fall, mild Winter and Spring riding where you want more flexibility and less weight and bulk but still enjoy good warmth and dry feet! The Japanther makes an awesome Fat Bike Race boot option for those 20-40km series races or Fall Cyclocross in the worst weather. These offer decent warmth to sub zero temperatures and are very weatherproof. 
We just stocked up on the last inventory of Japanthers (which are being replaced by the new Ragnarok) so we could offer this great boot at a better value but stock is limited so act fast!
Designed specifically for cool transition season conditions, Japanther provides a high level of moisture regulation, wind protection and comfort in a performance cycling shoe. Constructed with a moisture resistant membrane and rubberized shell that extends above the ankle, Japanther delivers unrivaled weather protection in the changing conditions of the transition season.FEATURES
Adjustable ankle diameter for better fit and protection, wind-resistant zipper, protective membrane for moisture control, anti-slip outsole, 2-bolt SPD and 3-bolt road versions. Japanther provides a high level of wind and moisture protection, but IS NOT waterproof. For best moisture protection in extremely wet conditions it is necessary to cover the ankle with waterproof rain pants.
Rubberized textile, stretch poly, durable polyurethane mudguard
Waffled foam to trap heat, reflective aluminum, wool felt, sculpted for arch support
Real rubber, anti-slip micro-glass filament lugs (SPD MTN version); nylon bumpers on toe and heel (ROAD version)
Fiberglass-injected nylon with high impact resistance
Cord lace inner closure, #5 zippered outer closure with wind and water-resistant coating
Mens wide 36–50 (no size 49), full sizes only
Performance last designed for rigorous training and competition positions the foot for optimal energy transfer, with a roomy forefoot that provides comfort for longer rides.
Ensure you order the correct size by measuring your foot and checking on the 45nrth Sizing Chart with your measurements.

Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 cm
Boot Size

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