45NRTH Concave Stud Kits


High Quality Tungsten carbide studs with concave head available for pre-pocketed studdable tires.

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45NRTH Concave Tungsten Carbide Studs Kits So here are some studs, but not just any studs. 45nrth studs are 2 piece aluminum (lighter) casing with a carbide that is concave to offer considerably higher wear resistance and more importantly better bite. If you bought Dillinger 4 or 5 non studded or Vee rubber snowshoe XL these studs work with these models. You will need the tool. If you don’t have studded tires yet, we advise you bite the bullet and buy the tire with them pre-installed as they come with 244 studs per tire. Having said that we like to run Dillinger 5’s with a mix of the 45nrth Regular and new XL  studs sets. 45nrth never makes enough of these so get em early. Fat Bikes Canada offers the largest selection and inventory of 45NRTH Products in Canada. All pricing guaranteed for 30 days from purchase. 45NRTH CONCAVE ALUMINUM CARBIDE STUDS Using the same two-piece construction method as the standard carbide-aluminum product, this stud features a carbide tip with a concave shape on the crown. The concave crown creates a very sharp attack angle to the surface, resulting in an unparalleled amount of traction. Any wear that occurs to the carbide crown creates an even sharper edge – continuously augmenting acceleration, braking and cornering performance as it ages.

25 Piece Kit, 100 Piece Kit, 258 Piece Kit, 300 Piece Kit


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