Pivot LES fat Carbon Frame and Fork

Back in April of 2015 I started my search for a uber light weight fat bike to ride and race for the upcoming 2015/2016 season and beyond. There were a few key requirements that had to be met, I was looking at full carbon framed models as an even lighter option to the titanium fat bike that I had been using for a few years. This build was going to be as light as I could make it will still using some of my favorite, comfortable parts I had become so accustomed to. The other big requirement that I was looking for was that the frame had the ability to be used single speed without the addition of any chain tension devices as I really enjoy riding my bikes in single speed mode most of the time. Those were the main requirements that I needed, having a frame that could be versatile enough to except a fat suspension fork like a Bluto and dropper post would be an added bonus for taking on destination riding trips down to Utah, Arizona and Colorado. I like to have only a few bikes that are very versatile and up-gradable for the future instead of a warehouse full of bikes that each only have one purpose. (some people still say I have too many bikes…pshaw)

OK, so I was searching online and came across Aaron Chase’s video of him ripping it up on Pivot’s newest addition to the Fat bike world, the Full Carbon framed LES Fat. Upon further research checking out geometry and comparing frame measurements to my custom fat bike that I loved, I decided to contact Peter DeMos at  Fat Bikes Canada to see if he could find me one of these rare carbon beauties. He made a call to Pivot, pulling a few strings to secure me a hard to get size Large frame set. A few weeks later I picked up my new Pivot, The Frame set comes with; a full carbon fork(150mm spacing) , 15mm x150mm front thru axle,12mm x 197mm rear thru axle, Black Pivot branded inset headset, really nice tall compression plug for the carbon forks steer tube, black seat clamp and both an 18mm and Zero Stack headset cups to correct the bikes geometry using any wheelsize. The bike can fit all current tire sizes; 26″ x 5″ tires, 26″ x 4″, 27″+ and also my favorite fast summer ripper set up of 29″+  front and rear. The frame features 3 water bottle cage bosses, rear rack mounts and internal cable routing including routing for a dropper post making for some nice clean lines on the bike, plus a bag of internal routing port covers if you are not using all the available ports.

Another well thought out feature of this frame is their rocker dropouts they have a unique click system that makes it super easy to adjust the chain tension perfectly even on both sides without having to do any measuring  or mark your allen key and count the number of full and/or quarter revolutions, just feel and listen to the positive audible click.  

The ride of this bike is truly amazing, it’s incredibly light frame makes it very easy to playfully loft it into the air off of any little trail feature or pumping through some rolling terrain. The downtube of the LES fat is truly huge, as is the intersection around the bottom bracket, this frame design equates to a very efficient transfer of power back to the rear cog, definitely a solid frame, no wet noodle feeling frame here while I stand up to mash the pedals up some steep climbs. I have only ridden the bike in 29er+ mode thus far, but I am really looking forward to mounting some big fat 5″shoes to some carbon hoops and riding it hard to really see how this bike performs in the varying snow conditions this winter. I’ve got a few big races to test it out on, as well as just having some fun ripping around lofting it off some snow jumps and carving up some beautiful groomed single track. Let it snow, Let it SNOW, LET IT SNOW!    

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