How to Choose Your New Fat Bike!

With so many options out there in the bicycle world it can be daunting for anyone to choose the right fat bike for them. This is especially true for someone who is searching for their first bike in the fat category. We have sourced only the best bikes out there from some of the most prestigious companies with the most history in the category. We are talking about the pioneers and developers in the industry who are pushing the innovations we see today. Corvus, Why Cycles, Otso and Moose definitely fit this description. In fact the only company who was around when Corvus started was Surly.  We take the choice fatigue and headaches out of picking your next bike! Read more below about our incredible offerings from the best value to the absolute highest performance fat bikes out there! We want to get you on the right bike for you!

Moose 1 – $1499

The best entry into fat biking with a very low price point. It’ll get you outside on virtually every trail you come across for recreational riding. Incredible value! There is no other bike at this price range that offers what the Moose 1 offers.

  • The cheapest fat bike you can buy that actually has quality branded components that will last for years to come!
  • Won’t be limited by the gearing or the traction of the quality tires that are included. Most other brands at this price range will not give this gearing range or quality of tire
  • Wide range 9 speed drivetrain 11 – 46 gives you all the gear range you need to tackle all winter trails 
  • The 27.5 tires that are included are the largest and of the highest quality. They are stud ready for every environment. They have the largest floatation and grip. No bike at this price has ever offered this size of tire
  • Now with Shimano disc brakes

Moose 2 – $1999

At just a $500 increase over the Moose 1, the Moose 2 will give you even more bang for your buck! This bike sees some significant upgrades to take you from a recreational rider to an enthusiast!

  • Includes a dropper post to take you even further, helping with steep descents and getting on and off your bike
  • Shimano Deore 12 speed drivetrain is a huge upgrade. This provides even wider range gearing 10 – 51 tooth counts on front and rear for better climbing and descending capabilities
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are a big plus, especially when the bike and brake rotors get wet in the snow you will have increased stopping power
  • Suspension compatible to allow you to upgrade the fork and take the bike to the next level
Available Here:

Corvus Rhino FLT Advent X – $3199

The Rhino is where we make our first foray into ultralight performance fat bikes. It will excel in every scenario, whether that is a multi day expedition or competing in local races!

  • Engineered in Anchorage Alaska by the oldest fat bike company; the creators and pioneers of fat biking, Corvus Cycles
  • Best value in our fat bike range for durable long term sub 30 lb fat bike
  • Award winning fat bike by outside magazine 2020 in its category
  • High quality ultra light aluminum tubing
  • Full carbon fork; not only carbon wrapped
  • Wide range gearing at the 10 speed build kit. Ultra wide gearing with the upgraded 12 speed drivetrains to take you absolutely anywhere
  • The most reliable, lightweight, high engagement, tubeless ready wheelset on the market; the Corvus Big Su Wheelset. They also come stud ready to tackle ice and slick surfaces
  • Suspension ready to make this bike truly trail worthy
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for extreme stopping power
  • Higher performance build kits also available to go to the next level
Available Here:

Otso Arctodus – $3599

The Otso Arctodus is versatile, strong, and ready to explore! It has adjustable geometry, a durable steel frame, a massive front triangle for a frame bag, lots of cargo mounts, and can clear the biggest fat bike tires on the market. Arctodus is ready for afternoon exploration, polar expeditions, and everything in between.

  • Smooth ride quality of steel mated to an ultralight high quality carbon fork
  • Terrain conquering expedition bike – ability to run the biggest tires on the market
  • Steel is real! Amazing ride quality, durability and comfort
  • 12 speed Shimano SLX drivetrain – very high quality, high range drivetrain especially at this price point
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power
  • Adjustable dropouts for monster 5” tires on 26”. Set it up shorter for snappier feel or longer for long journeys
  • Comes with Johnny 5’ studdable tire with 330 studs per tire which are setup tubeless. This setup gives sensational grip when you need it
Available Here:

Corvus Skookum AF – $4899

The Corvus Skookum AF was designed to be a quiver killer, if you only have one bike, this is the one. As amazing on summer trails as it is on winter singletrack, a true year-round riding buddy! For shredding anything a trail can throw at you!

  • The most progressive front suspension fat bike ever built. From the pioneers of fat biking, Corvus in collaboration with athlete Pat Smage; 11 time US and current motorcycle trials champion. He trains on this fatbike!
  • Comes with a dropper post to handle every scenario from riding rocks, drops, and jumps. Ride off anything with this machine. It’s a freeride bike at heart
  • Best trail performance of any fat bike out there. Conquer all 4 seasons
  • Most modern geo fatbike available. Slack head tubes and long reach with short chainstays make this bike super nimble and flickable. Not something you hear often when mentioning a fat bike
  • 120 mm suspension designed around Manitou Mastodon Comp or Pro fork. The best fork in the category
  • Even had a tire developed for it by Corvus; The Terrene Yippee Ki Yay (studdable 4 season tire)
Available Here:

Otso Voytek – $5499

The Voytek is fast, lightweight, agile, and can handle even the sharpest turns of your local singletrack with ease. Think of it as a mountain bike that can fit fat tires with adjustable geometry. We paired a narrow pedal stance—aka Q factor—with aggressive XC race geometry to build a fat bike that can intuitively handle snowy trails like your mountain bike can handle summer singletrack without sacrificing ride quality. Not as aggressive as the Skookum for freeride, but pretty close!

  • High quality ultralight carbon frame for a bike that is easy to ride all day over anything
  • Narrowest q factor of any fat bike. This gives the Voytek a very natural pedaling feel just like your normal mountain bike
  • Works very well for 4 season riding to keep you rolling all year with one bike
  • Versatility of adjustable dropouts which allows you to make them longer for expeditions and shorter for racing
  • Fast and nimble race fat bike. The world championship was won riding this bike so you know it is fast!
  • Multiple build kits to get you going from low cost to the highest performance
  • Fat bike that feels like a hardtail mountain bike
  • Ideally ridden with a fast 45NRTH 4” Dillinger 4 tire but can fit 4.3” tires like Yippee Ki Yay if you want
Available Here:

Corvus Akio – $5099

The new Akio shares its DNA with the Corvus Rhino FLT –  more carbon fiber for less weight, and a slight increase in BB stiffness. Whether you are looking to build the ultimate race machine or trying to build a lightweight, snow-loving allrounder, look no further. The all-new Akio embodies everything you could want in the backcountry or on your local trails.

  • The Akio is the ultimate carbon expedition fat bike. Arguably the lightest carbon fat bike frame/ fork available
  • Winner of multiple winter Iditarod races which is the quintessential ultra distance fat bike race
  • This bike can fit any fat tire on the market giving you all the options you need for whatever type of riding you are into. Ability to tackle any terrain thanks to these options
  • Large front triangle allows you to fit a large frame bag in order to carry all the gear you will need for bike packing 
  • Features a narrow Q-factor to give you that natural pedal feel like your mountain bike
  • Offered in multiple drivetrains and performance levels for all riders
Available Here:

Why Cycles Big Iron V2 – $6999

The most prestigious option in our lineup. Named after the famous Marty Robbins song, the Big Iron is designed to be a tool to get the job done. Whether it’s a short weekend jaunt on the local groomed single track or an epic 1100 mile journey across Alaska, the modern geometry, stiff-yet-supple titanium frame, and lifetime warranty make this a bike you’ll be proud to take anywhere that requires big tires!

  • The last fat bike you will ever need. Your forever companion to fall in love with. You and your bike will enjoy many years of exploration together
  • Winner of Outside Magazine’s top fat bike of 2020 in its category
  • The crew at Why Cycles goes way back to the early days of fat biking in Alaska, and the Big Iron is the culmination of years of fat biking experience 
  • One tool to conquer all. Ride every trail. Adventure everywhere
  • Titanium construction makes this bike lightweight, ultra comfortable, and incredibly durable
  • Not the fastest fat bike ever but will still perform during races and definitely shine in multi day expeditions
  • Ultimate in trail conquering beauty. You will be the coolest cat on the trails with your titanium fat bike
  • Universal dropouts (UHD) to make this bike future proof amongst an ever changing landscape that is the bike market
  • It will literally last you forever thanks to the Titanium construction. Also does not rust due to salt which is a huge bonus!

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