Originally all our fat bikes were built from the frame up which offered us the blank canvas to build your complete. Now while there are many more bike companies offering an array of complete fat bikes we still like to offer that custom experience of a complete build from the frame up. Why? Because it is a great for us to create something unique for you and this is the way we do it for ourselves so why not offer that same option to you!

So why would you go custom build? Here are a number of reasons.

I prefer a different Tire.

That’s an easy swap on any build and if you prefer a different tire spec we can always arrange a substitution on most builds.

I want to build it myself.

We understand that and have assisted many customers with ordering the correct parts to complete their build. Our Custom bike packages can also be prepared and shipped to you to complete if you have the tools and know-how.

I have some parts already I can use.

We get this a lot and are happy to help you complete a new build with some of your parts. Either building in our shop or helping you get what you need to finish yourself.

I already have a frame.

No problem. We can help with everything from the right parts to completing the build for you.

That complete bike you really like doesn’t come with your preferred spec.

Easy for us to change that up and deliver exactly what you want. This is easy to do on frame up bike builds and why we carry many unique Fat Bike only brands. We will exchange items from a build spec to suit your needs.

You see the value in a quality wheelset.

Perfect. So do we. With a custom build you can have the wheelset of your choice built into the cost of your bike.

You want something totally unique.

We definitely do that! Start with the frame set of your choice, pick your preferred drivetrain package, brakes, cockpit, wheelset and tires and we’ll build it up for you all at a competitive price.

We offer custom complete builds from these great companies

If you don’t see your preferred brand here for a custom build let us know and we’ll see what we can do for sourcing your perfect bike.




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