All Things Fat

Our Mission is to offer well built, dependable and fun to ride Fat Bikes for Canadians to get to the beer store and beyond.

Our Story

We didn’t come up with the idea but we definitely followed along, closely. The quest to not give up riding in the winter, which is long in our country, began early. The search for the widest tire we could fit on std 26” then 29”. More volume and tire width always made sense as was watching the conditions for the perfect days that would bring a hard snow base to our trails.

Not being engineers, we watched each year anticipating what would evolve to improve the experience. We come from the old school of bike evolution, when bikes didn’t come fully tricked and adding your own flare to your ride was one of the best parts of the journey. Fat Bikes not only make evolutionary sense, but when frames and parts came available it rejuvenated that love for building something original.

Now the fat bike experience can be many things to different riders from dedicated winter bike to year round ripper or bike packing across open country. We’re here to help you discover more on two fat tires wherever you ride in Canada. We take pride in our work to build each customer something they will enjoy each ride 12 months of the year.




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