15 Things To Buy For Winter Fat Biking!

 45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies

The most technically advanced winter cycling pogie, Cobrafist puts unrivaled comfort and control into your hands for expedition in sub-zero conditions. Keep those fingers warm all winter with the warmest pogies around!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/45nrth-cobrafist-pogies-canada/

Blivet Mund Grips

The Blivet MUND handle bar grips made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) will act as a shield to protect you hands from the cold that comes from the aluminum handle bar. These work perfectly under a good pair of pogies to ensure the cold doesn’t travel from the handlebar onto your hands.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/blivet-mund-grips/

NiteRider Lumina Micro 900

A compact and bright handlebar or helmet mount light for winter riding! The perfect amount of light to carry on night rides. Ultimate with One on bars and one on the helmet. Light the way!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/nite-rider-lumina-micro-900-canada/

Terrene Cake Eater 27.5 x 4.5 Studdable or Full Studded

The new Cake Eater is a fast, low rolling resistance trail tire for superior traction and features 154 low resistance crown traction studs in tungsten carbide for the best bite and durability. Pair the studdable version with our concave studs for the ultimate bite this winter!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/terrene-cake-eater-27-5-x-4-5-tire-canada/

FBC Concave Stud Kit

These are a very popular FBC house-brand stud kit that provides excellent traction for an affordable price!  Made from genuine Tungsten Carbide for ultimate durability!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/fbc-concave-stud-packs-canada/

Blivet TINDR Wheel Cover Set

Possibly the greatest new innovation from Blivet Sports. Keep your bike out of the salt while protecting your vehicle interior from studded tires and snow damage. Wrap them up with the new TINDR.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/blivet-tindr-wheel-cover-canada/

Blivet QUILO Winter Cycling Boot Gen 3

The lightest fat bike boot with solid warmth and full height designed for stomping through Canadian winters! The most efficient pedaling boot that still will keep you warm through the frigid cold!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/blivet-quilo-winter-cycling-boot-gen-3-canada/

Shimano PD-M8120 XT Pedals

A wider, longer contact area provides efficient power transfer and improved bike control. The pedal’s integrated cage protects bindings from impacts and acts as a guide for easier engagement. The extra platform on this pedal helps for power transfer and also allows you to still use the pedal effectively if your clips freeze when you step in water!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/shimano-pd-m8120-xt-pedals-canada/

45NRTH Wolvhammer BOA Cycling Boots

Kinda the most popular Fat Bike Boot. Riders like em’ you likely will too. The standard for warmth in winter cycling footwear has amazing updates includes the BOA closure system to ensure a better fit, double leather construction and a more insulated footbox to keep your digits toasty for longer rides. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/45nrth-wolvhammer-boa-cycling-boots-in-stock-canada/

Outdoor Research Cirque II Pant

The most durable, breathable and wind resistant pants you can wear for fat biking! Leave it to OR to provide the best materials and value in an winter pant. Keep warm to continue the fun through the whole day!

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/outdoor-research-mens-cirque-pant/

Outdoor Research Gore-Tex Foray Jacket

Waterproof, breathable, and lightweight, the Men’s Foray GORE-TEX® Jacket and Pants have been winning awards for years for their dependable rain protection and feature-packed details. Renowned easy-to-vent TorsoFlo™ lets you unzip your jacket from hem to bicep to wear over a pack waist strap, or simply to let out excess heat when you’re working hard. Its left hand pocket doubles as a stuff sack so you pack it down easily when conditions calm down and dry off, and it has a carabiner loop to easily clip onto a backpack or climbing harness.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/mens-foray-jacket-canada/

45NRTH Sturmfist 4 Gloves Leather

Sturmfist 4 is our extreme winter cycling glove for rides below 15 degrees. The LTR version has all the cold-conquering features of our softshell Sturmfist 4, but with a supple and stylish leather outer. Premium durable water-resistant (DWR) leather is a forcefield against frigid air and precipitation. A Merino wool-blend lining manages moisture.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/45nrth-sturmfist-4-gloves-canada-2/

HED B.A.H.D. 27.5 Wheelset

How bad are you going to want to get into fat biking? With these wheels, real BAD. HED’s Big Aluminum Deal (BAD) & Big Half Aluminum Deal (BHAD) are designed to be the lightest, fastest aluminum fat bike model on the market, designed uniquely to meet the demands of riding and racing through snowy and sandy conditions.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/hed-b-a-h-d-fbc-hub-27-5-wheelset/

Blivet KOLL Helmet

Super light full winter cycling head protection with integrated eye protection all for only $128! It is a helmet without openings to keep your head warm and has a retractable (and replaceable) lens to protect the face. Very comfortable, designed with an excellent micro adjustable stabilization system, it also features a three-position neck adjustment system for greater comfort and stability.

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/blivet-koll-helmet-in-stock-canada/

Blivet UDONES Socks

A perfect mixture of thick cushioning and just the right amount of compression support. Great comfort, superior thermal protection, you’ll love the UDONES. In addition, a nice height from heel to ground of 32cm/12.5” for the S/M or 34cm/13.5” for the L/XL. The socks goes up under the knee for an excellent support at all times. 

Available Here: https://fatbikes.ca/product/blivet-udones-socks-canada/

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